Beyond email and messaging.

We are now accepting beta testers for our next generation messaging platform.

What is MorphMail?

MorphMail combines the best features of email, messaging, and social media into one communications platform.

Not Just Text

Messages are structured, so composing is more like writing an outline than an essay. Save time writing and reading.

Easily Embed Media

Embed articles, pictures, sound clips, video, tracking info, and more using just a URL and we'll fill in all the details.

Advanced Search

Search by any attribute, such as image dimension, video duration, latest shipment status, or article length.

Controlled Access

Allow anyone to send to you, or only specific people or groups. You can even throttle individual users sending to you.

Edit After Sending

Edit or even delete messages after sending if the recipient hasn't opened it. You can also set expiration dates on messages.

Developer Friendly

Advanced REST API and trigger functionality. Send MorphMail messages from your app, or have MorphMail trigger external services.

Give Your Messages Structure

Email, SMS, instant messaging, and social media all suffer from the same flaw: messages are just text. You waste time wrapping important information in filler text, and the recipient wastes time reading through paragraphs just to extract a few data points. MorphMail streamlines communication by sending your messages as strucutred data. It's faster for both, and it makes advanced searching possible.

  • Save time reading and writing messages
  • Search any attribute of messages or embeds
  • Control who sends you messages
  • Let MorphMail react when messages come in

Advanced Searching

Go beyond simple text search with the ability to search by any attribute of messages or embedded media. For example when you embed an article in a message, just provide the link and we'll grab the article and get useful information such as the title, site, character, word, sentence, and paragraph count, estimated reading time, difficulty level, site name, and more. The same goes for images, video, and any other embed type. You can then search on any of these attributes to find exactly what you're looking for. Want to find the shortest Techcrunch article your boss sent you? Or the largest baby pictures you sent your parents? The longest estimated task you've been assigned? All of these and more are easy to do with MorphMail's advanced search.

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